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Omnisign Plus Flatbed Cutting Machine H-Series
Omnisign Plus Flatbed Cutting Machine H-Series
Omnisign Plus Flatbed Cutting Machine H-Series

A Few Samples of Applications

Omnisign Plus PRO Leather Cutting Machine
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Omnisign Plus PRO Boat Flooring Cutting Machine
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Omnisign Plus PRO Foam Cutting Machine
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Available upon request

Omnisign Plus PRO CX3016
2-in-1 Computerised Flatbed Cutting Machine (or Flatbed Cutter)

High-quality 2-in-1 industrial-grade flatbed cutting machine that is suitable for cutting various materials, such as foams, plastic boards, fiber sheets, cardboards, rubber sheets, paper, fabrics, upholstery materials, leather, and many more.

A versatile and easy-to-use cutting machine that comes with 2 cutting tools to utilise oscillation blades and circular knives, high-precision motors, and high-tech parts to produce high-precision results.

Industrial-quality cutting machine with high precision and reliability without high price tag!

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Controlling System
High Precision and High Speed Machine
Powerful Cutting Mechanisms
Servo Motors
Adjustable Cutting Pressure and Speed (Can be controlled independently)
High Data Transmission Ratio
User-Friendly Control Panel
Built-In USB Port
Fitted with Safety Switch
Square-Tube Fully-Welded Steel Frame Structure (Not cheaper iron sheet structure)
Easy-To-Maintain Machine
Cutting Area: 3,000 x 1,600 mm (Other sizes also available)
Maximum Cutting Thickness: 100 mm (Upgrade to cut thicker materials also available)
Maximum Speed: 1,000 mm/sec
Precision: <= 0.01 mm
Overlap Precision: <= 0.1 mm
Number of Installed Head: 2 (Oscillation Blade and Circular Knife)
Optional: Different type of blades, creasing and drawing tools also available
Cutting Materials: Foams, Plastic Boards, Plastic Films, Fiber Sheets, Cardboards, Rubber Sheets, Paper, Fabrics, Upholstery Materials, Leather, and many more
Drive System: Servo
Material Holding Method: Vacuum Table
Vacuum Pump Included? Yes
Design and Cutting Software Included? Yes (Many other software can also be used)
Power Requirement: 1 Phase or 3 Phase (Your choice)
Dimensions (Approx): 4,000 x 2,000 x 1,500 mm
Weight (Approx): 1,500 kg
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