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Omnisign Plus PRO CO2 Laser Tube


CO2 Laser Tubes

These laser tubes are compatible with various brands of CO2 laser machines.

We have both generic brand (40W-60W) and Omnisign Plus PRO (100W-400W) Premium-Grade laser tubes.

The Omnisign Plus PRO (100W-400W) Premium Grade laser tubes are very suitable for high-precision cutting and engraving. They are some of the best CO2 laser tubes anywhere or your money back in full(*)

Some of the Omnisign Plus PRO Premium-Grade laser tubes are on special at the moment while stocks last!

These laser tubes are still fresh with a full of gas in them.

Expected lifespans:

  • 40W, 50W, 60W: 8,000 hours
  • 80W and greater: 10,000 hours

Certifications: CE and FDA

Buy Direct and Save $$$!

Prices in Australian dollars and exclusive of GST
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* Exclude freight

CO2 Type

Generic Brand Standard Grade:

40W $575
50W $675
60W $795

Omnisign Plus PRO Premium Grade:

X80 (80W)
(Rated Power: 80W, Peak Power: 110W)
X100 (100W)
(Rated Power: 100W, Peak Power: 135W)
X130 (130W)
(Rated Power: 130W, Peak Power: 170W)
X150 (150W)
(Rated Power: 150W, Peak Power: 185W)
X180 (180W)
X200 (200W)
X300 (300W)
X400 (400W)
  No further discount is available on any discounted laser tube.
The discounted prices are available for temporary only while stocks last.
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