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Omnisign Plus
Computerised Flatbed Cutting Machines (or Flatbed Cutters)

High-quality industrial-grade flatbed cutting machines that are suitable for cutting various materials, such as Plastic Board, Fiber Sheet, Cardboard, Rubber Sheet, Paper, Fabric and many more. They can also be used for creasing and drawing.

These machines utilise blades, high-precision motors and high-tech parts to produce high-precision results.

A lot of these machines come with vacuum tables to hold down materials during cutting to ensure high-precision cutting.

The current versions of Omnisign Plus flatbed cutting machines are designed for low cost operations and low maintenance with high performance and quality requirements to deliver high productivity at much lower cost.

Every Omnisign Plus flatbed cutting machine that we are selling now has undergone a lot of major and minor improvements since the earlier version that was introduced in 2004. We are very proud to say that these flatbed cutting machines are very stable, better quality, higher precision, and better reliability than ever before.

These flatbed cutting machines are manufactured to quality standards, not to a price.

We have seen a lot of businesses constantly decrease the quality of their product and increase their prices to get higher profit margins. We are very proud to say that we do business differently! We constantly increase the quality of each of these flatbed cutting machines and add new features to them with minimal price increases.

We maintain low overheads, low operating costs, and reasonable profit margin.
Unlike other companies, we pass on these savings to our customers by offering high-quality machines at very low prices.

Our low and realistic prices do not reflect the quality, precision, robustness, reliability and performance of any flatbed cutting machines we sell.
That’s our difference!

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Series I:
(Max Cutting Thickness: 2~2.5 mm)
Series II:
(Max Cutting Thickness: 3 mm)
Series III:
(Max Cutting Thickness: 15 mm, Equipped With Oscillating Knives)
PRO Z1310
(1300 mm x 1000 mm)
PRO Z1713
(1700 mm x 1300 mm)
Price available upon request
PRO Z2516
(2500 mm x 1600 mm)
Price available upon request
PRO Z3016
(3000 mm x 1600 mm)
Price available upon request
PRO Z3018
(3000 mm x 1800 mm)
Price available upon request
PRO Z3520
(3500 mm x 2000 mm)
Price available upon request
Best BuySeries IV:
(Max Cutting Thickness: 60 mm, Equipped With Oscillating Knives, Creasing Tool, Drawing Tool. Excellent For Cutting Foams, etc.)
Series V:
(Max Cutting Thickness: 50 mm, Equipped With CCD Camera, Oscillating Knives, Conveyor Table)
PRO CCD 1713
(1700 mm x 1300 mm)
Price available upon request
PRO CCD 2513
(2500 mm x 1300 mm)
Price available upon request
PRO CCD 2517
(2500 mm x 1700 mm)
Price available upon request
Other Sizes Available Upon Request
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