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OmniCAM PRO CX8 2-in-1 Industrial CNC Router With Automatic Tool Changer / Routing Machine | 1,300 x 2,500mm Bed
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Turn your creative design into reality with one of these amazing machines!

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Industrial Computerised CNC Routing Machines (or CNC Routers)

If you are looking for an affordable, very reliable, and high-quality industrial-grade CNC router to take your business to the next level, you have found it!

If you think a high-quality industrial-grade CNC router is something you can't afford, think again.
Industrial-grade CNC routers are easier to use than ever before. And, at Red Dot Machinery, we've made them much more affordable than ever before.

OmniCAM Industrial CNC routers are designed for extremely low cost operations and maintenance and built to our strictest standards using industrial-quality components with high performance requirements to deliver high productivity at much lower cost.

These industrial CNC routers can be used for sign making, furniture making, cabinet making, mold processing, art crafts creation, engraving, cutting, etc. They can do on metal sign plate, stainless steel plates, copper or zinc mold, aluminium, wood, marble, and a lot more.

We are proud to supply high-quality industrial-grade CNC routers with high precision and reliability without high price tags!

Why pay 3-4 times more than our prices for other brands of CNC routing machines where these quality industrial-grade machines will do the same results for a lot better prices?

We maintain low overheads, low operating costs, and reasonable profit margin.
Unlike other companies, we pass on these savings to our customers by offering high quality machines at very low prices.

Our low prices do not reflect the quality, precision, robustness, reliability and performance of any CNC routers we sell.
WE GUARANTEE IT! That’s our difference!

Turn your creative design into reality!


Why Purchase OmniCAM CNC Routers?

  • New Come with our Triple Guarantee Promise.
  • Industrial-grade and high-quality CNC routers at realistic and affordable prices.
  • Expect to pay at least double the price for the same quality machine elsewhere.
  • Manufactured to quality standards not to a price.
  • Expected to last at least 15 years* if they are looked after properly.
  • Come with a full 2 year warranty from us.
  • You get a lot more than what you pay for, guaranteed!

* Excludes consumables

What is Our Triple Guarantee Promise?

  • High-quality. We only supply high-quality industrial-grade OmniCAM CNC routers.
  • Free ongoing support. Our CNC routers come with free lifetime support. This makes these machines cheap to run in the long run.
  • Full refund if you are not 100% happy. Try any of these machines for 30 days. If you are not completely happy with the machine's quality, workmanship, performance, or anything about the machine, send it back to us for a full refund of your purchase price (We have waived our 25% restocking fee).

Why are We Offering a Money Back Guarantee?

  • We are extremely confident with our machines’ quality, workmanship, performance. OmniCAM CNC routers’s quality is as high as those other brands of CNC routers that cost 2 to 3 times higher.
  • We understand the hesitation in purchasing a machine based on descriptions and photos.
  • We would like you to rest assured that your hard-earned money will not go to waste.


Buy Direct and Save $$$!

Prices in Australian dollars, and exclusive of GST
Click here to convert Australian Dollars into your country's currency


Series IV:
Includes 3-Tool Changer and Vacuum Table; Travel Speed: 25,000mm/min; Z-Axis: 150mm (upgradable); Powerful Spindle Motor


Series V-1:
Includes 6-Piece Automatic Tool Changer (upgradable) and Vacuum Table; Travel Speed: 30,000mm/min; Z-Axis: 200mm (upgradable); Powerful Spindle Motor

If you are looking for other type or size of demo CNC router, and it is not listed here, please do contact us as we may have one in stock, pending listing on website.

Please feel free to make an offer.
Any reasonable offer will be considered.

A small deposit is all you need to secure one of these machines.


Available Accessories & Upgrades (For All Series):
Optical Image Recognition System (Camera) From $1,850 (Included in some machines)
Extra Head/Spindle Motor From $1,450
Dust Extraction System From $750
Oil Mist Lubrication System $1,250
Water Spray and Drainage System From $950
Vacuum Table From $950
Vacuum Pump From $950
Rotary Device From $950
Motor Upgrade from 1,500W to 2,200W $950
Motor Upgrade from 2,200W to 3,000W $950
Motor Upgrade Above 3,000W Price available upon request
Z-Axis Upgrade from 90mm to 120mm From $1,450
Z-Axis Upgrade from 150mm to 250mm From $1,750
Z-Axis Above 250mm Price available upon request
Auto Tools Changer From $11,950
Advanced Professional Control Panel $4,250 (Included in a lot of machines)
Type3 2D/2.5D/3D CNC Router Software From $950
Computer (Set Up For Any Of The Above CNC Routers) From $950
Body Colour Change From $450
2 Year Warranty Upgrade FREE
Other upgrades also available upon request

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