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Fiber Laser Engraver/Marker
Fiber Laser Engraver/Marker
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Marking colours vary depending on materials and user settings

Omnisign Plus PRO F-P5 50W
Portable Computerised Fiber Laser Marking Machine

High Performance Portable Laser Marking Machine that is designed to mark onto nearly any metal (including steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, etc.) and many other materials (including plastic, resin, ceramic, rubber, etc.) with the highest precision.

If your customers expect nothing but the best marking quality, this is the machine!

It is an commercial-grade machine with high precision, speed, performance, and reliability at very low price!

Turn your creative design into reality with this powerful machine!

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Controlling System
Highest Precision And High Speed Machine
50 Watts Of Laser Power
Over 100,000 Hours of Laser Life
Super Fast Marking Speed
German-Made Galvanometer
US-Made Lens
Easy Focus
Adjustable Power and Speed, That Can Be Controlled Independently
Fully-Enclosed Body With Radiation Protective Glass
Motorised Height-Adjustable Laser Head
Motorised Door Opener
Low Maintenance Motion System
High Data Transmission Ratio
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