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Omnisign Plus Pad Printer SSR125TX1

Omnisign Plus Pad Printer LRC200CX6


How Pad Printing Works?

Sample of Applications:


Interested to see video of one of these pad printing machines in action?
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Omnisign Plus
Pad Printers (or Pad Printing Machines)

High-quality industrial-grade Pad Printers that are suitable for printing high-quality logos, manufacture dates, notes, batch numbers, etc. on variety of surfaces at realistic prices.

These Pad Printers prints on bottles, jugs, cups, pens, golf balls, boxes, safety hats, and many more quickly and precisely. They use ordinary printing ink (not supplied) to print.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

For details on any of the below pad printers, please contact us.

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1-Colour Series:

2-Colour Series:

3-Colour Series:

4-Colour Series:

5-Colour Series:

6-Colour Series:

Keyboard Pad Printer:

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