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Omnisign Plus PRO 3000 Series-3 Laser Cutting/Engraving/Marking Machine

Omnisign Plus PRO 3000 Series-4 2-in-1 Laser Cutting/Engraving/Marking Machine

Omnisign Plus PRO 10000 Series-4 Laser Cutting/Engraving/Marking Machine


Turn your creative design into reality with one of these easy-to-use workhorses!


Samples of Applications:

Done by CO2-Type Laser Machines
Done by CO2 Laser Machines
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Omnisign Plus
Computerised Laser Cutting/Engraving/Marking Machines (or Laser Cutters/Engravers/Markers)

If you think a laser cutting/engraving/marking machine is something you can't afford, think again.
Laser cutting/engraving/marking machines are easier to use than ever before. And, at Red Dot Machinery, we've made them much more affordable than ever before.

These high quality laser cutting/engraving/marking machines can be used for cutting, engraving, and marking on various materials.

Omnisign Plus laser machines are designed for low cost operations and low maintenance with high performance requirements to deliver high productivity at much lower cost.

We only supply high-quality industrial-grade and commercial-grade laser machines with high precision and reliability without high price tags!

We maintain low overheads, low operating costs, and reasonable profit margin.
Unlike other companies, we pass on these savings to our customers by offering high quality machines at very low prices.

Our low prices do not reflect the quality, precision, robustness, reliability and performance of any laser machines we sell.
That’s our difference!

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CO2-Type (Series-2 and 3)
CO2-Type (Series-4)
Please feel free to make an offer if you wish.
Any reasonable offer will be considered.
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